Nocturnal cities: past, present, and future

Special issue #43 of Forum Sociologico

Guest Editors:
Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, PhD, CIES/Iscte, Portugal.
Jordi Nofre, PhD, CICS.NOVA/NOVA FCSH, Portugal.
Alejandro Mercado Celis, PhD, CISAN/UNAM, Mexico.

CICS.NOVA – Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e
Humanas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
, Portugal.


Manuel García Ruiz, Alejandro Mercado-Celis and Jordi Nofre
“Nocturnal cities: past, present, and future” [EN]

Martin Magidi e Tawanda Jimu
Urban livelihoods beyond industrial ruins : the birth of an informal night-time economy in Norton, Zimbabwe [EN]

Julio César Becerra Pozos
Towards a characterization of semiprivate spaces of nocturnality (noctem): diversity and differentiated access in Mexican bars [ES]

Begona Aramayona

The invisibilisation of informality in the nocturnal city: the displacement of sex workers and domestic employees to private spaces [ES]

Rosa Maria Fina
In search of nocturnal characters in eighteenth-century Lisbon [EN]

Giacomo Bottà and Enrico Petrilli
Nocturnal urban imaginaries: the rise and fall of Turin as a 24-hour party city [EN]

Yolanda Macías
“The things one does for friends”: sensitive links of living in the night of the central city and the suburban night in Mexico City [ES]

Jordi Nofre, Manuel García Ruiz and Alejandro Mercado-Celis 

Nocturnal futures: a necessary reflection in times of uncertainty [EN]

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Manuel Garcia-Ruiz

He is a PhD Scholar at CIES-Iscte and a Research Collaborator at IS-FLUP. He research on topics such as city branding, cultural regeneration, the commodification of arts and culture, art washing, and the construction of artistic fields.

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