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Managing Cities at Night

A Practitioner Guide to the Urban Governance of the Night-Time Economy By Michele Acuto, Andreina Seijas, Jenny McArthur and Enora Robin Buy at Bristol Press

The Researcher’s Nightworkshop in Springer

Julius-Cezar MacQuarie has recently published a chapter in open access on his Nightworkshop . Have a look here after: MacQuarie JC. (2021) The Researcher’s Nightworkshop: A Methodology of Bodily and Cyber-Ethnographic Representations in Migration...

Night and Darkness in Ancient Mesoamerica

Edited by Nancy Gonlin and David Millard Reed, University Press of Colorado 308 pages, 6 x 963Hardcover Release Date: 01 Nov 2021ISBN:9781646421008 “Night and Darkness in Ancient Mesoamerica is the first volume to explicitly incorporate how nocturnal aspects...

ICNS Proceedings

The night has been the subject of multiple readings by the social and human sciences, as well as it has inspired multiple narratives throughout history, literature and popular culture. However, the study of nightlife,...

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