Cristiana Vale Pires

Cristiana Vale Pires is graduated in Psychology (Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto), holds a master degree in Anthropology: Globalization, Migrations and Multiculturalism (Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa) and holds a PhD in Anthropology (Iscte). Since 2009 she is working and coordinating several national and European community-based and action-research projects in the fields of sexual work, nightlife governance and harm reduction. Her research focuses on the consumtion of new psychoactive substances, heavy episodic drinking and recreative drug doers. She has an special interest on sexism and sexual violence prevention in nightlife environments.

She was directly involved in the design, implementation and coordination of several innovative projects namely, SAFE!N Porto, SAFE!N Cais, AllCool, Lisbon Nightlife Commission, Sexism Free Night and Ponto Lilás.  

She is involved in several national and international networks and workgroups in the fields of drug use, nightlife and gender equality.

She is a researcher in CEDH, LxNights, Drinking Studies and is also one of the founders of Kosmicare Association. Currently, she collaborates as a postdoc researcher and lecturer at Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Portuguese Catholic University. She is an Invited Assistant Professor at the School of Education- Polytechnic Institute of Porto and Coordinator of community-based projects at Kosmicare.

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