Nándor Petrovics

Nándor PETROVICS is a doctoral student at Doctoral School of Political Science at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. His doctoral research focuses on governance networks in night-time economies, but his area of interest also covers public service co-production and other questions of network governance. Nándor also works as a lecturer at the Department of Public Policy and Management, teaching courses both in English and in Hungarian for public policy and management master students in public policy analysis, cost-benefit analysis, program evaluation and multi-level governance. Nándor is currently working on the Global Night-Time Recovery Plan as chapter lead for „Building Nocturnal Governance Capacity for Night Mayors and other Nighttime Governance Institutions”. He also has significant consultancy experience in different areas of public policy analysis and cost-benefit analysis for public investment projects.

Nándor holds an MA degree in Political Science (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Faculty of Law and Political Studies) and an economist MSc in Public Policy and Management (Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Economics), which is an EAPAA accredited program. Nándor spent a semester in The Netherlands at Erasmus University Rotterdam, participating in the unique master program titled “Management of Governance Networks” and he also holds a certificate in “European Master in Public Administration” (EMPA).

Research topics: Governance Networks; Urban Governance; Network Governance; Public Service Co-Production; Night Studies; Night-Time Economy; Night-Time Governance; Public Policy Analysis; Cost-Benefit Analysis; Program Evaluation

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