Media and the Night

Along with the other materials and rituals of life, media have played a role in structuring the transition from day to night in cities. This research group is devoted to examining the relationship of media to the night. Some research pertinent to this group might study the distribution of media forms and experiences across the 24-hour cycle, looking at such phenomenon as midnight film screenings, all-night radio, late-night television talk show programming, or night streaming on livestreaming platforms. Other research might include the historical emergence of aesthetic principles or strategies for representing the night in different media: the cinematic nocturne, the film noir, the digital device “night mode” or audio/sound-based “night walk” projects. Some research might also look at the creation of nocturnal imagery by emerging technologies adapted to the dark hours, such as infrared cameras, thermal imaging, and new documentary techniques. Finally, other research might focus on the particular place the acoustic aspect of media plays at night, by studying the sonic dimensions of media: from streamed concerts and night DJ sets, to experimental soundscapes and sound mapping at night. Research pertinent to this group might look, as well, at media forms which support political, sexual or other communities of the night, such as LGBTQ guides to urban nightlife or  photographic projects documenting nocturnal subcultures.

This working group aims to bring together researchers, artists, and writers interested in critical approaches to the relations of media to the night, including:

  • the circulation of night-related media forms;
  • nocturnal aesthetics;
  • night imagery;
  • digital devices and services;
  • audio-visual artistic projects;
  • podcasts, soundscapes, radio;
  • cinema and film exhibition;
  • documentary and TV;
  • night photography.


ICNS.LX Conference – Media Panel

Leader: Will Straw & Eleonora Diamanti

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